Careers Portfolio is responsible for the coordination of all career-focused initiatives including our Clerkship and Careers Seminars, as well as our Beyond Corporate Careers Initiatives. Through its innovation and commitment to student development, the Careers Portfolio aims to deliver nonpareil resources that diversify the student experience and help the UTS Law cohort strive for greatness. For queries about the Careers Portfolio, please contact Miranda Clinton at


Clerkship Seminar Series

The Clerkship Seminar Series is a range of presentations from a diversity of firms. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with some of the most prestigious firms in the industry, discover what they can offer you, and gain some insider-info on how to nail those applications!

Clerkship Panel

The student perspective is integral to determining how you want to craft your career and acting upon the key learnings of your peers. Joined by a panel of students who have completed clerkships at top-tier firms our Clerkship Panel gives you the opportunity to receive detailed advice on how to best choose your clerkship, apply and prepare for your exciting career.

Clerkship Networking Evening

As one of the biggest evenings in the Careers calendar, the Clerkship Networking Evening is hosted at the Aerial UTS Function Centre with a diversity of top tier firms in attendance. Representatives from firms including Graduates, Clerks, Partners and HR Representatives are ready to answer any clerkship and firm-related questions students may have. This is an unmissable opportunity for students. 

Skills Workshops

Founded on the key skills required to thrive in any career, our Skills Workshops give you the opportunity to hear directly from firms as they give their best tips and tricks on what they look for in an applicant, how best to build your image and experience, and how to set yourself up to succeed in an ever-changing employment climate.

Beyond Corporate Mentoring Program

The legal profession is a multifaceted world that breaks beyond the corporate sphere and delves into areas including environmental law, criminal law, policy, and academia. The Beyond Corporate Mentoring Program groups students with accomplished industry professionals who are excited to help the student community gain connections and learn about opportunities beyond corporate law.

Applications for the program are now open! Apply for any of the Mentoring Programs run by the LSS using the link below.

Beyond Corporate Careers Fair

With the aim of diversifying our offerings, the UTS LSS Careers Fair offers you the opportunity to speak with professionals in a multitude of non-corporate careers. Whether it’s criminal law, environmental law, academia, policy or in-house services, the Careers Fair is a mega event sure to cater to your interests!

Breaking into Law Panel

As one of our most popular events catered towards early-year law students, a panel of students reflect on how they landed their first legal job while giving their golden tips and tricks! Entering the legal industry is a big step for many and often a difficult one, so this is a great opportunity to get more familiar with the different pathways available. 

Clerkship Program

Summer clerkships are paid employment experiences in major commercial law firms. They are held over the summer break for Australian law students in their penultimate year of study. A summer clerkship is the primary method for participating law firms to identify and secure talented students for graduate positions. For more info visit the Law Society of New South Wales website here.


Are you looking to make an impact in a supportive and empowering law student community, and a taste of LSS work? Applications are NOW OPEN to join the UTS LSS Careers (Publications) Subcommittee for 2023! 

Careers Guide

This publication explores a variety of corporate and non-corporate arenas that students may delve into. With recruitment tips and tricks, wellbeing advice and insights into multiple areas of law, this is sure to be an essential read for law students! 

Clerkship Guide

This is a guide on all things Clerkships – what they are, which firms offer them, and how to apply. As a high-quality publication catered towards student needs, the Clerkship Guide has a diversity of perspectives and genuine advice that proves pivotal during the application process.