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When you become a member of the UTS Law Students’ Society not only do you join a great community of law students, but you also obtain the following benefits:
  • Discounted ticket prices to all our social events, including Start of Session parties, Law Cruise and Law Ball;
  • Eligibility to compete in any of our internal and/or intervarsity competitions;
  • Eligibility for involvement in our educational initiatives, including Buddy Project, Peer Mentoring and External Mentoring Programs;
  • Eligibility to participate in our social justice initiatives, including the Colour Run, Westmead Hospital visits and joining the Justice Action Committee;
  • Access to our various career-based initiatives, including Careers Networking Evening, Clerkship Networking Evening and Clerkship seminars;
  • Access to a range of publications, including The Full Bench, Law School Manual, Careers Guide and Clerkship Guide;
  • Receive our weekly e-newsletter (The Buzz); and
  • Eligibility to apply for our textbook equity scheme and textbook rental scheme.

How to register

Membership is free for all UTS Law Students. Please visit the Activate website to become a UTS LSS member.

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Get involved

There are many opportunities for you to become involved with the UTS Law Students’ Society and the services that we provide for our members. Keep a look out for information on the UTS LSS Facebook page for announcements on competitions, publications, events, and other ways to become involved with the UTS LSS.



Getting involved as either a competitor, witness, client or judge in any of the legal competitions that the UTS LSS run each session is a fantastic way to meet new people and polish your legal skills. Senior Competitions, for those with more experience, take place in Autumn Session, while Junior Competitions, for those with little to no experience, take place during Spring Session. For more information, click on Competitions from the menu or contact the following:

  • Paper Presentation & Advice Writing Competitions –  vpc@utslss.com
To volunteer as a witness or client for competitions, see the Student Volunteer Committee section below.


Written contributions are actively sought by the publications team to be included in the various publications published by the UTS LSS throughout the year. If you are interested in contributing, please contact the following:

In addition, the UTS LSS organises sub-committees for each of its publications, allowing students to become involved in the designing and editing aspects of our handbooks and academic journal


Much of the work achieved by the UTS LSS would not be possible without the help of various sub-committees. These sub-committees are comprised of members and assist the UTS LSS in various aspects including education, careers, social justice, and wellbeing.

Being part of a sub-committee is a fantastic way to become involved in the UTS LSS. Applications are taken in the start of the year and are publicised on Facebook and the website.

Student Volunteer Committee

The Student Volunteer Committee consists of a pool of UTS students from any faculty wishing to volunteer their time to assist the UTS LSS in competitions throughout the year as a volunteer client or witness.

Acting as a client in the Client Interviewing competition or witness in Witness Examination is a great way to get an inside look at how the competitions run, particularly if you are interested in participating yourself. All work done on the Committee is recognised by the UTS Brennan Justice and Leadership Program and hours can be counted towards the completion of the award. Please email the Vice President (Competitions) at vpc@utslss.com if you are interested in joining the committee.

UTS LSS Council

If you are interested in becoming a UTS LSS Councillor, elections are held October each year. Download the Elections Handbook for detailed information about the election process and positions on the UTS LSS Council.

For more information, please contact our Secrectary by emailing secretary@utslss.com or download our Constitution and By-Laws from the Governance section. Governance