Candidate Announcement

The full list of candidates in the UTS LSS Council Election for 2020-21 can be found below. Voting will commence on Monday, 19 October at 9am and will conclude on Wednesday, 21 October at 6pm.

Please note:

  • Candidates with no brackets after their name have only nominated for 1 position.
  • Candidates with (first preference) or (second preference) after their name nominated for 2 positions. If they are the highest-voted candidate for both positions, they must take their 1st preference position.
  • Some Council positions received only 1 nomination. For these positions, the online ballot will include an option to ‘Reopen Nominations’.
  • Some Council positions received no nominations. For these positions there will be no online ballot; the positions will be filled at a subsequent By-Election.
  • Some candidates submitted an optional 1-page Statement of Candidature for voters to read. Candidates for the Marketing Director position may have also included a 1-page design to a fictional brief.


President (Executive Position)

Treasurer (Executive Position)

Secretary (Executive Position)

Vice President (Sponsorship) (Executive Position)

Activities Portfolio

Vice President (Activities) (Executive Position)

Socials Director x2

Sports Director

Careers Portfolio

Vice President (Careers) (Executive Position)

Careers (Activities) Director x2

Careers (Publications) Director

  • N/A (will proceed to a By-Election)

Mooting Portfolio

Vice President (Mooting) (Executive Position)

Subject Mooting Director x2

Intervarsity Competitions (Mooting) Director

  • N/A (will proceed to a By-Election)

Skills Competitions Portfolio

Vice President (Skill Competitions) (Executive Position)

Client Interview Director

Negotiation Director

  • N/A (will proceed to a By-Election)

Witness Examination Director

  • N/A (will proceed to a By-Election)

Intervarsity Competitions (Skills) Director

Education Portfolio

Vice President (Education) (Executive Position)

Education (Internal) Director

Education (External) Director

  • Anthony Ayoub (second preference)

Publications Director

Wellbeing Director

Marketing Portfolio

Vice President (Marketing) (Executive Position)

Marketing Director x3

Information Technology Director

Social Justice Portfolio

Vice President (Social Justice) (Executive Position)

Equity Director

  • Georgia Coleman (second preference)

Diversity Director

Brennan Program Director


Postgraduate Representative (Director Position)