Candidates for Council 2021-22

Candidates for Council 2021-22

List of Nominations – UTS LSS Elections 2021

This is the official list of nominations for the UTS LSS Elections 2021. Where provided, each candidate name links to a Statement of Candidature. In categories with no nominations, the position will proceed to a by-election in November, to be voted upon by the elected Council. In categories with only one nominee, voters will have the option of voting for the listed candidate or ‘reopen nominations’.

Voting for the below Election opens at 9am, 18 October 2021 and closes on 6pm, 20 October 2021. All students enrolled in a UTS Law degree are eligible to vote in all categories.

Election results will be announced at the AGM, commencing at 10am, 23 October 2021. All LSS general members can register to attend here: Successful candidates take office on 1 November 2021.

Please direct all queries to Vicky Kuo, current President and Electoral Officer, at



Blake Sanchez-Cruz (2nd preference)

Marco Loprevite


Will proceed to a by-election

Vice President (Sponsorship)

Brayden Gossling


Vice President (Activities)

Chandra Renouf

Socials Director x 2

Ashley Chung (2nd preference)

Jinx McRae

Karla Tuktens (1st preference)

Lily O’Brien (1st preference)

Lucie Vayriot

Max Perry (1st preference)

Oscar Adams

Ryan Dempsey (2nd preference)

Serena Chedid

Sports Director

Ashley Chung (1st preference)

Brydon Truong

Darian Basyal

Ryan Dempsey (1st preference)

Saro Sorani

Yasha Boele


Vice President (Careers)

Will proceed to a by-election

Careers (Activities) Director
x 2

Isabella Rodgers (2nd preference)

Jisoo Park (2nd preference)

Miranda Clinton

Rianne Hamad (2nd preference)

Sai Muthukumar (1st preference)

Taylah Simons

Careers (Publications) Director

Alexander Chan (2nd preference)

Alexandra Haggerty

Georgia Neaverson (2nd preference)

Tara Hunter (2nd preference)

Wendy Lam


Vice President (Mooting)

Tiana De Silva

Subject Mooting Director x 2

Andrew Huynh (1st preference)

Jisoo Park (1st preference)

John Pak (2nd preference)

Kristie Mui

Mitchell Morrison

Nikki Saini

Intervarsity Mooting Director

Andrew Huynh (2nd preference)

John Pak (1st preference)

Tracy Huang (2nd preference)

Mooting Development Director

Dante Liu

Skills Competitions

Vice President (Skills Competitions)

Nicole Badr

Client Interview Director

Maria Mubeen (1 st preference)

Negotiations Director

Will proceed to a by-election

Witness Examination Director

Will proceed to a by-election

Intervarsity Skills Competitions Director

Will proceed to a by-election


Vice President (Education)

Anthony Ayoub

Education (Internal) Director

Aryenish Kavarana (1st preference)

Jemma Newton (1st preference)

Karla Tuktens (2nd preference)

Peter Markopoulos

Sarah McNaughton

Talisah Ruas

Education (External) Director

Blake Sanchez-Cruz (1st preference)

Fauzia Hussein (2nd preference)

Jeylan Riza (1st preference)

Maria Mubeen (2nd preference)

Max Perry (2nd preference)

Olivia Tomiyama

Education (Publications) Director x 2

Georgia Neaverson (1st preference)

Wellbeing Director

Alyssya Warty-Hasan

Aryenish Kavarana (2nd preference)

Dillan Goro

Jeylan Riza (2nd preference)

Lily O’Brien (2nd preference)

Mac Middleton


Vice President (Marketing)

Cassandra Economides

Marketing Director x 4

Alexander Chan (1st preference)

Brittany CairnsSample Design

Isabella Rodgers (1st preference) – Sample Design

Lara Wilson (1st preference) – Sample Design

Mikiko OhashiSample Design

Paris Mitropoulos

Information Technology Director

Nancy Wang

Social Justice

Vice President (Social Justice)

Georgina Hedge

Equity Director

Emma Gaston (1st preference)

Tara Hunter (1st preference)

Diversity Director

Rianne Hamad (1st preference)

Tracy Huang (1 st preference)

Vishaya Pracy (2nd preference)

Brennan Program Director
x 2

Emma Gaston (2nd preference)

Jemma Newton (2nd preference)

Lara Wilson (2nd preference)

Monica Keech

Sai Muthukumar (2nd preference)

Vishaya Pracy (1st preference)


Postgraduate Representative

Fauzia Hussein (1st preference)

Ziang Zhang