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The LSS competitions portfolio is back to bring you a series of unique opportunities to learn
invaluable legal skills and boost your extra-curriculars!

Whether you want to grill a witness law and order style, Interview clients, negotiate deals or test
your research skills through mooting… there is a competition for you!

The Negotiation competition offers students essential dispute resolution skills valuable for future
lawyers in all practice areas.

In a nutshell, the competition involves two opposing teams, comprised of two student “solicitors”,
meeting to resolve a dispute between their respective clients. The competition also provides the
perfect environment to develop other essential skills such as communication, innovation, critical
thinking, team work, strategy building and reflection with feedback provided every round and the
ongoing opportunity to meet your fellow law students and take a break from your text books.
In 2019 the Opens Negotiation competition will be held weekly on Tuesdays. Whether you are a
seasoned Negotiation veteran or have no experience, this is the perfect time to hone your skills or
learn new ones!

Registrations will open on the 18th February and close on the 22nd March – make sure you sign
up before the competition reaches capacity! For students without a partner, we have a partner
search available to team you up with other single entrants

The competition will be held on Tuesdays.

Witness Examination:
Witness Examination: making an opposing witness squirm under pressure, and shouting ‘Your
Honour, I object!’ to savage your opponent’s line of questioning. We’ve all seen a witness
examination on TV: it’s one of the most entertaining competitions to watch.

Witness Examination is a simulated criminal trial. The trial is run from the opening statements,
through the examination of witnesses to the closing addresses. It will develop the crucial legal
skills of advocacy, and the ability to analyse and dissect evidence. Competitors are assigned the
role of either prosecution or defence where your role is to examine two witnesses to uncover the
facts of the crime.

Does this remind you of your favourite TV shows? Suits? Law & Order? How To Get Away with
Murder? Witness Examination is the *only* competition that will have you acting like a suave, witty
TV lawyer. Get amongst it. Competing in Witness Examination is an exhilarating experience that
will challenge the sharpest of minds.

The competition will be held on Mondays.

Mooting is a fantastic way to showcase your skills as a law student & a brilliant addition to your CV

This is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your public speaking abilities and put your legal
research skills to the test. Mooting workshops will be held before the competition starts so if you’re
a first-time mooter don’t hesitate to register!

Remember the winning team is given the opportunity to represent UTS LSS at the ALSA
International Moot Court Competition!

The competition will be held on Thursdays.

Client Interviewing:
How to be a good lawyer: learn how to talk to clients. How? By competing in our Client Interviewing
competition. The ability to interview a client is one of the most important skills a budding law
student can develop.

Competing in a teams of two, competitors will have thirty minutes to extract all the information
necessary to represent your potential client and provide some preliminary legal advice. You will
develop the skills to empathise, listen and understand your client’s problems in order to build a
strong foundation for a lawyer/client relationship.

The skills developed by participating in Client Interviews are immeasurable. The lawyer/client
relationship is the core of the legal profession, and employers from all fields of law are sure to take
interest in those who can effectively build a strong relationship with their client.

The competition will be held on Wednesdays.


February 20 (Wednesday) - May 22 (Wednesday)


Barbara Brae Aslandisvpc@utslss.com

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