Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is a mentoring program connecting first-year with more experienced students acting as Senior Buddies. This initiative is designed to ease first-year students’ transition into law school. Your Buddy can be anything from a study buddy, coffee mate, or a best friend. The Buddy Project also includes a range of events including the Launch Event and more.

Sign ups for the 2024 program are opening soon – check back soon for links for sign ups!

Peer Mentoring Program

Need assistance with your first year Law subjects? Look no further as the Peer Mentoring Program is here to help! Led by some of the LSS’ brightest students, the program provides tips and tricks, as well as invaluable insights in recorded workshops released in the lead up to assessments for first-year subjects. 

The program is a great way to ease any anxieties or uncertainties that may arise when commencing your studies. Whether you missed a concept in class, are struggling with legal skills or simply want to perfect your craft – Peer Mentoring is valuable for every student. 

The Peer Mentoring Program is delivered online via the official Facebook page @LSSPeerMentoring, so you can view what you want, when you need it! 

Subject Tutoring Database

Do you want to get ahead in your studies? The LSS facilitates a Subject Tutoring Database of high-performing students willing to share their skills as private tutors. The purpose of the service is to assist students who require extra academic support in a particular subject. Signing up is as simple as contacting a tutor and organising a time, price and meeting arrangement. 

Please note that the UTS LSS is not liable for any agreements made between the tutor and the student.

The Database can be accessed here: Subject Tutoring Database

Advocates Mentoring Program

The Advocates Mentoring Program is designed to connect high-achieving 3rd to 5th year undergraduate students and 2nd to 3rd year postgraduate students with a barrister as their mentor for the duration of the program, with pairings based on student legal interests.

This program provides the perfect environment for those looking ahead in their legal career and for those looking to nurture their passion in advocacy and learn the skill and mentality required for working as a barrister. 

Speaker Series

Speaker Series is a bi-annual evening panel event featuring industry professionals and other legal experts speaking on topical legal issues. The events are formal panel-style Q&A sessions accompanied by catering and beverages, located in a range of exciting venues.

Attendees will be exposed to invaluable knowledge imparted by esteemed panelists, leaving you knowledgeable about the topic area and as a better informed student entering the legal profession. It’s also a great opportunity to have a chat and build connections at the end of the night!

Smile Project

Smile Project is a semesterly run event that aims to alleviate some of the stress that builds up during the semester and promote an inclusive and open dialogue around mental health. It is an opportunity to enjoy a picnic style gathering with friends, involving a BBQ lunch, therapy dogs and goodie bags filled with exciting items. 

If you have any queries regarding LSS Wellbeing engagement contact our Wellbeing Director at

Equity x Wellbeing Panel

The Equity x Wellbeing Panel is an event designed to provide insights into the correlation between equity and wellbeing, run as a collaboration with the Equity Director of the Social Justice Portfolio.

The purpose of this event is to discuss mental health issues relevant to law students and how they might be addressed during university and entering the professional world.