Jantin | Second Year Stories

Why UTS:Law? 

I graduated from school in 2017 and honestly had no clue what uni I wanted to go to. All I knew was that I wanted to persue a career in accessibility advocacy and support. I applied to uni using the Educational Access Scheme (EAS). I chose law as after talking to various people about what would align best with my future goals; law seemed to be the best option. Since I had no clue what uni I wanted to go to, I called UTS student services to and find out more information, after receiving the offer. I decided to take the leap and go with UTS, and couldn’t have made a better decision. Everyone at UTS is so positive and welcoming. There’s no feel of toxic competition between the students- everyone helps each other and looks out for each other.  Everyone accepts you for who you are so you don’t need to feel like you need to act in a certain way.

What does an average day at uni look like for you?

Well, I love sleeping and taking naps (I mean, who doesn’t) so waking up and getting ready for uni is the hardest part of the day. Once I’m at uni on an average day I’ll attend whatever classes I need to (emphasis on “need”…I don’t exactly have the best track record for lecture attendance). During my breaks, you’ll usually find me at Mad Mex, playing pool in the underground, or chilling in the theatre lounge with my mates. After I’ve finished all my classes for the day I’ll either hang out with my mates, study in the library, or head home early.

What was one unexpected experience you had in your first year?

One of the most unexpected experiences for me in First Year was getting to perform at so many events. I used to perform all the time in high school, and I didn’t know if I’d have those same opportunities at uni. Luckily for me, the Music Society at UTS is great and organise a whole bunch of events that I can perform at. This allowed me to gain more confidence in performing as I use to never used to perform original pieces. I highly recommend joining societies that interest you, and getting involved with extra-curriculars. Uni has oportunities for almost everything!

What was one challenge you faced in your first year? How did you overcome it?

As I’m sure you’ve all been told, studying law requires quite a bit of reading and prep work. After the 4 month break from studying after the HSC, I found it difficult to get back into study-mode and stay on top of all the work. To manage my workload better, I started making a more conscious effort to plan ahead and allocate my time better. On top of this, me and my mates would split up the readings and then share notes afterwards to make the work load more manageable.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone just starting their first year?

If I were to give one piece of advice, it would be: “it’s not about how much of something you got, it’s about how you use what you have”. Sounds simple enough, right? It’s easy to fall in the trap of feeling you can’t do something, or feeling like you might fail because you don’t have a certain quality, trait, or skill. But it’s all about using what you do have to the best of your potential- and even challenging yourself to push past that. For example, my visual impairment means that vision is nowhere near the level that of the people that I study with, but I still manage to achieve the things I want to achieve, such as performing my music. It’s all about hard work and utilising the support systems around you! You shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for help, if you need it. It’s okay to feel nervous or scared, but don’t let that prevent you from trying. You might surprise yourself with what you can really do! A final piece of advice, for all you pool lovers out there: there’s free pool after 4pm on Mondays in the Underground. That’s all that really needs to be said.