Jinoo | Second Year Stories

Jinoo is a 20 year old Bachelors of Law/Bachelors of PubComm student in his second year of Law and first year of PubComm in 2019. Last year, Jinoo successfully achieved the accomplishment of winning “Best Bromance of the LSS” with the assistance of one young, kind Nick Borovik. In 2019, Jinoo seeks to further his already impressive, never-ending list of very important achievements.

Why UTS:Law?

I had previously been studying Psychology at a different university and was not enjoying it. The university I had been at felt more like a day job in the sense that you would go in and go out on the days you had to and didn’t involve yourself more than you needed to. It really didn’t provide me a balance of enjoying university whilst studying. So in 2018, I opted for a transfer as I saw UTS Law as an opportunity for a fresh start.

What does an average day at uni look like for you?

An average day at uni begins with a struggle to get to uni as the comfort of my bed and high levels of laziness is too good to leave immediately. Next is filled with attending my lectures and tutorials and visiting either Dodgy Dumplings or Jumbo Thai to replenish my energy. Then a pitstop at UTS Library to finish or attempt to finish my homework or studies and finally, find any excuse to get to UTS Underground.

What was one (positive) unexpected experience you had in your first year?

The unexpected experience I had in my first year was forming a solid group of friends that I don’t just see within university but also outside. At my previous uni, I would have friends but it would never evolve outside of seeing each other in class. My first year at UTS was amazing as it was filled with genuinely fun experiences with my peers in and out of uni.

What was one challenge you faced in your first year? How did you overcome it?

As all the joys of coming to a new uni, making new friends and really becoming more lazy since high school finished, to proactively study and complete my work is a challenge I had to overcome in the first year. I overcame it when I realised my first semester marks reflected how much effort I put in to studying. It will be a challenge also going into second year as the subjects you study get more intense.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone just starting their first year?

For people starting their first year, GET INVOLVED at uni. Whether it’s only attending a few LSS events or joining a student society, I definitely recommend getting involved at uni as it makes your uni life much more enjoyable. For those looking for a start, go to UTS First Year Law Camp. It may seem intimidating but it’s a great way to make a good group of mates. You’re going to be stuck with them for the next 4 or 5 years anyways, so why not make the most out of it.