TFB I 2021

Surviving 2020 was just the beginning. ‘The New Normal’ explores the way both society and the legal system have been forced to change the way they operate.

Read about the impacts it has had on real lives, and discussion around whether employers can enforce employees to be vaccinated, the effect that COVID 19 has had on barriers for asylum seekers, border closures and the transition to online courts.

Law School Manual

The Law School Manual (LSM) is a first year law student’s ultimate starter guide to the challenging, yet highly rewarding degree that is law at UTS.

Published annually by the UTS Law Students’ Society, the LSM is full of knowledge and guidance that will make your time at UTS the best it possibly can be!

Clerkship Guide

The Clerkship Guide is a must-read if you are considering applying for a Summer Clerkship during your degree. The guide provides students with information regarding summer clerkships at Australia’s leading commercial law firms.

Careers Guide

This year’s guide will give you a unique insight into the paths available to you post-graduation, both legal and non-legal. You will hear from those already working in industry and be exposed to unique tips in order to attain positions and succeed in in the future.

Wellbeing Blog

Make your way over to find some fun, fresh content to help you de-stress, relax and recuperate. The blog has 5 broad categories, consisting of mental wellness, fitness, food, social activities and relaxation – there is bound to be something for you. Whether you’re looking for banana bread recipes, scouting for good coffee, or on the hunt for study techniques, we’ve got you covered.