Queer Representative

Intervarsity Pride Moot

UTS brought home the UTS LSS x SULS x UNSW LS Intervarsity Pride Moot in 2022, as honourable Justice Michael Kirby sat on the bench. This moot provides the opportunity for LGBTQIA+ identifying students to compete in a moot focussed on issues which face their community.

Queer Issues in the Law Panel and Networking Program

Following a successful launch in 2022, Words on Justice: A UTS LSS Social Justice Blog continues into 2023! Social-justice minded and passionate law students stimulate meaning conversations through their well-crafted articles and written contributions. This is the perfect opportunity to voice your concerns and bring a fresh perspective to social justice issues!

Wom*n’s Representative

Women’s Mentoring Program 

The Women’s Networking Program expanding to unprecedented levels in 2022. The WMP embraces the representation of women in the legal profession, regardless of race, cultural background, sexual identity or age. The WMP pairs female-identifying students with mentors from a diverse range of corporate and non-corporate legal careers. These mentors provide invaluable insight and advice in navigating barriers as a woman in the legal profession.

Applications for the program are now open! Apply for any of the Mentoring Programs run by the LSS using the link below.

Intervarsity Women in Law Panel

The Intervarsity Women in Law Conference is a trilateral conference run by the UTS LSS, SULS, and UNSWLS. It involves panel discussions and Q&A sessions with female leaders in the legal profession, discussing topics such as barriers to female representation, and the unique experiences of diverse female law students and lawyers.

First Nations Representative


Each year in Spring Session, the UTS LSS runs a week of initiatives to observe NAIDOC Week. This initiative provides an opportunity for students to reflect on issues of Indigenous justice. 

Disability Representative

Diverse-ability Blog

Diverse-ability is a new monthly-blog that will display well-crafted written contributions from law students, and professional practitioners about their experience with diverse-ability.

Disabilities in the Law Panel and Networking event

The Disabilities in the Law Panel involves discussions and Q&A sessions with leaders in the legal profession that have first-hand experience of practising with diverse-ability. Topics in 2023 will centre around navigating these issues and unique experiences as law students and law students.

First Year Representative

Elected at our annual First Year Law Camp, the two First Year Representatives provide a first year voice to the UTS LSS Council and are responsible for running the first year facebook page (which you can join below!) and a first year initiative throughout the year. In addition, the First Year Representatives assist the Education portfolio in the running of the Peer Mentoring Program and they moreover act as a mechanism for feedback and ideas from the first year cohort. If you are in your first year at UTS Law, you can expect more fun events to come in 2023!

Post-Graduate Representative

Each year, the Postgraduate Representative serves as both a voice to advocate for the interests and needs of postgraduate UTS:Law students and as the organiser of two events throughout the year that cater specifically to postgraduate students. In 2022, the Postgraduate Representative ran an Autumn Postgraduate Networking Night and a Spring Law Panel where postgraduate students got to hear insights from a number of working professionals who studied a juris doctor or undertook other postgraduate studies. Looking forward, you can expect to see similar events in 2023 – but the best part about the Postgraduate Representative is that they act as a sounding board for your concerns, and are committed to running the events that you want to see. We look forward to seeing you at our postgraduate events in 2023!