Social Justice

UTS and the UTS Law Students’ Society prides itself in the torch it holds to the various social justice issues plaguing the law. The Social Justice Portfolio offers a multitude of ways for law students to engage with the principles of justice, and consider the impact of barriers that face minority communities. The intersectionality of social justice and law is a core element of reflection and action throughout the law school experience and beyond.

Social Justice

Social Justice Conference

The Social Justice Conference is a highlight of the Spring Semester. Panellists and Keynote speakers from legal, political and social justice backgrounds address contemporary issues, with discussions driven by student engagement. 

Words on Justice

Following a successful launch in 2022, Words on Justice: A UTS LSS Social Justice Blog continues into 2023! Social-justice minded and passionate law students stimulate meaning conversations through their well-crafted articles and written contributions. This is the perfect opportunity to voice your concerns and bring a fresh perspective to social justice issues!
Connect with the blog here:

Justice Action Committee

The Justice Action Committee (JAC) applications open in March 2023. This official UTS LSS sub-committee meets fortnightly and is dedicated to assisting the Brennan and Equity Directors and our new Representative positions in the organisation and execution of all the initiatives that fall within the portfolio. The JAC also runs their own initiative, Social Justice Awareness Week.

Brennan Justice and Leadership Program

The Brennan Justice and Leadership Program runs jointly between the UTS LSS and the UTS Faculty of Law, honouring the central role of social justice at UTS Law. Leadership through Service (LTS) Hours, and Reflections on Justice (ROJ) Points are achieved through student volunteering, and deep reflection on wide-reaching areas of justice.
The program offers initiatives to gain LTS and ROJ such as Justice Talks, Discussion Groups, RASA Week, and the Westmead Arts and Crafts Drive. In 2023, we welcome Brennanite of the Month, which will highlight outstanding student engagement with the program, and the Public Speaking Society x Brennan Program Public Speaking Competition.
Students who take out the award will have this recognised on their AHEG Statement. The program is the only one of its kind across all Australian law schools, and shows UTS Law’s commitment to social justice.


Subsidies and Equity Schemes

There are a number of equity schemes run by the UTS LSS to assist students experiencing financial difficulty. The Textbook Equity Scheme loans textbooks to students upon proof of financial hardship, and the University Essentials Scheme offers support to students in obtaining resources. This year, we are offering students the opportunity to donate their relevant textbooks to the Textbook Equity Scheme. Equity Subsidies are offered to eligible students for First Year Law Camp, Law Cruise and Law Ball. Applications for these initiatives are shared via UTS LSS social media channels throughout the year!

Equity x Wellbeing Panel

The ALSA award-winning UTS LSS Equity x Wellbeing Panel emphasises the importance of finding a balance and reflecting on your own personal wellbeing and mental health, especially as a law student. Industry professionals discuss the challenges pertinent to our student community and beyond.