Social Justice

The Social Justice Portfolio is responsible for the organisation of the Society’s social justice-related initiatives including equitable subsidies, Charity Trivia Nights, Social Justice Conference, Women’s Mentoring Program and Brennan Justice and Leadership Program.

For queries regarding the Social Justice Portfolio, contact Erika Serrano at

Justice Action Committee

The Justice Action Committee (JAC) is an official committee of the UTS LSS dedicated to the Social Justice Portfolio. Committee members contribute to planning, organising and executing Social Justice Initiatives. These include raising funds for a range of causes, organising annual conferences and implementing their own initiatives.

The Justice Action Committee will meet every fortnight during Autumn and Spring sessions with the Social Justice portfolio. Ad Hoc meetings may be held if required prior to upcoming events.

Committee members will have their hours credited under the Brennan Justice Program Leadership Through Service (LTS) component. Initiatives include trivia nights, parliamentary submissions and assisting the Social Justice Portfolio with the Red Cross Blood Donation Drive, Sydney Homeless Connect, Westmead Children’s Hospital visit and Homelessness Sleepout and food drive.

Applications open at the start of Autumn session next year! If you have any questions, please contact the Vice-President (Social Justice), Erika Serrano at

Brennan Justice and Leadership Program

The Brennan Program is a joint initiative between the UTS Law Faculty and UTS LSS that allows UTS law students to reflect on the concept of justice and develop leadership skills through voluntary service.
Students will need to gain Reflection on Justice (ROJ) points by attending and engaging with social justice events and initiatives. These events include the Social Justice Conference, Charity Trivia Night, the Justice Talks Speaker Series, UTS LSS Brennan Discussion Groups and more. Students will also need to acquire Leadership through Service (LTS) hours through volunteering and helping out at SJ initiatives such as being a member of the Justice Action Committee, Westmead Children’s Hospital Visits and other volunteering opportunities. 

For more info, click here and view our list of all claimable ROJ and LTS hour initiatives here.

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Brennan Program Discussion Groups

The Brennan Program Discussion groups run bi-annually in the Autumn and Spring semesters, providing Brennan Program members with the opportunity to discuss the law, law reforms, politics and general current issues within social justice! 

Participants in the discussion groups will receive 20 ROJ for participating in the discussion groups, through writing 5 200 word reflections on the contents of their group’s discussion. Discussion group leaders will receive 25 ROJ for a 1000 word reflection on the whole discussion group process, and 10 LTS hours for their time contributed to the groups. 

If you are interested in participating in the Spring 2021 Discussion groups, please contact Mac and Georgina at


Westmead Children’s Hospital Visit

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the bi-annual visits to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead have been put on hold. Visits usually take place during the Autumn and Spring session and will require students to dress up in colourful costumes as well as run activities for the children. This event provides the perfect opportunity to put on a smile on children’s faces and give back to the greater community.

In the interim, the LSS will be hosting an annual Arts and Craft Donation Drive in order to support Westmead’s Child Life Therapy team. These donated art and craft supplies are used to support the social and educational needs of the children while they are on their medical journey.

If you have any questions, please email Mac and Georgina

Textbook Equity Scheme

The start of university can be a daunting time for some, with the stress of balancing work, university commitments and on top of that – expensive law textbooks. The Textbook Equity Scheme enables financially disadvantaged students to borrow their prescribed law textbooks for the semester. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 emergency, it will not be running during Spring Semester 2021.

If you have any questions, please email Maya Mortimer, our Equity Director at

Women’s Mentoring Program

Female UTS law students will be paired with a female mentor and have the opportunity to request a mentor of a particular background or identity.

We hope this intersectional approach to women’s issues will assist burgeoning legal professionals to break through the glass ceiling in the legal profession and be inspired by a diverse range of successful women.

Applications for this program open in Autumn Session. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Jason Wang, our Diversity Director at

Social Justice Conference

The annual Social Justice Conference invites students and professionals with a passion for social justice to put their minds together and discuss pressing societal issues. The Conference provides students with a platform to grow their voices and engage with their law degree on a civic level. This year’s event is sponsored by Maddocks with the theme ‘Politics and the law – Indigenous and Environmental justice. The aim of the conference is to explore how the process of law making and ultimately achieving justice can be obscured by politics. 

If you have any questions contact Equity Director at

UTS LSS King & Wood Mallesons Intervarsity Pride Moot 2021

The UTS LSS Intervarsity Pride Moot is an annual event acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of LGBTQIA+ law students to UTS:Law, UTS LSS and the wider community. Traditionally a bilateral moot between UTS and The University of Sydney, the competition this year will be a trilateral moot for the first time with the addition of UNSW Law Society. King & Wood Mallesons also joins this year as a proud sponsor of the competition and event.

The competition will seek to host LGBTIQIA-identifying mooters, student judges and grand final judges where mooters will tackle challenging legal problems in an environment that is supportive and celebrates differences.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Jason Wang, our Diversity Director at