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The blog has 5 broad categories, consisting of mental wellness, fitness, food, social activities and relaxation – there is bound to be something for you. Whether you’re looking for banana bread recipes, scouting for good coffee, or on the hunt for study techniques, we’ve got you covered.

Immune-Booster Juice Recipe

Immune-Booster Juice Recipe Feeling low on energy? Need a bit of a boost for your immune system? Here is a perfect juice recipe full of Vitamin C and lots of other good nutrients to put a smile on your face and help you get on with your day! Ingredients 2 oranges1/2 lemonPiece of fresh ginger (start with…

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Get some banana bread into you!

Get some banana bread into you! Who can say no to banana bread? Really… it is just the best. But did you know that traditional banana bread recipes use A LOT of sugar which is so unnecessary given the fact that bananas themselves are naturally really sweet. We have come up with our own healthy(ish) banana…

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