UTS Law Students’ Society

The UTS Law Students’ Society (‘UTS LSS’) is the peak representative body for UTS Law Students. As the largest student-run organisation at UTS, the LSS aims to elevate the standard of university life for UTS Law Students to its utmost potential. We do this by meeting and supporting their educational, vocational and social needs.

The UTS LSS supports an open door policy and welcomes any ideas, concerns or thoughts regarding studying law at UTS. You are welcome to visit the UTS LSS Office located in CB02.14.104 at any time to get to know us a little better.


Clerkship Guide

We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of the UTS LSS Clerkship Guide 2023! 

We invite you to access the valuable resource through the link provided below, which offers an in-depth insight into the clerkship process, practical application tips, and tricks, as well as personal recounts from clerks.

The UTS LSS would like to extend our gratitude towards our sponsors for their valuable contributions, as this annual publication serves as a vital tool for students in making critical decisions during a pivotal stage in their careers. The collaborative efforts between our sponsors and the UTS LSS foster a bridge between students and the legal profession, equipping applicants with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in the field.

We wish all students the best of luck in their respective applications and remind students to take care of their wellbeing during this period. 

Please see the link to the Clerkship Guide here:

Diverse-abilities Blog Launch

The UTS LSS Diverse-abilities Blog has officially launched! 

The blog is the start of an on-going conversation sharing the lived experiences of fellow graduates and students identifying with a disability. 

Disability is inclusive of those that are physical and invisible to the eye. From physical impairments to psychological and neurotic tendencies, disability stands on a wide spectrum and is often 80% of the time unidentifiable at first glance.

Connect with the blog below!  

Peer Mentoring

Attention Firsties!

Are you feeling nervous about starting university? Would you like to learn from the experiences of older law students that have been in your position? The UTS LSS (Clayton Utz ) Peer Mentoring Program is the perfect program for you!

Peer Mentoring is the joint initiative between the UTS LSS and UTS Faculty of Law that is the perfect platform to help you as you commence law school.

This year, sessions are complementary to core content and mentors are able to share their experiences and skills in an engaging platform. We will cover skills and topics relevant to Foundations of Law, Ethics Law and Justice as well as Criminal Law and Procedure.

Follow our Peer Mentoring Page below to receive information about the workshops this year:

For any queries, please contact our Education (Internal Engagement) Director, Jonathan Schach, at edu.internal@utslss.com


Humans of UTS Law

Do you have, or know of a friend within the UTS LSS community who has a unique experience to share? The UTS LSS Marketing Team’s Humans of UTS Law initiative features members of our community who have stories ranging from prestigious awards, to service trips, interesting jobs and more! If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else, please complete the form. Find our latest feature below!

“In 2022, I began work for an organisation called Consent Labs. They are an NGO that provides relevant, practical, and evidence-based sexual consent education for young people. These conversations have become especially pertinent in our society, however young people are so often ill-equipped to have them. Thus, being part of a group that is working towards changing such stigma, has been incredibly rewarding.

Consent Lab’s content ranges from how consent works with alcohol and other drugs, to understanding and navigating healthy relationships. In high school, conversations like these were something I never had, but it is something I truly believe should be an integral part of everyone’s education.

My role within the organisation is as a facilitator, I go into schools and universities to work with students and present them the content. It has been the most incredible experience and has given me the opportunity to travel to places like Armidale and Wollongong, meeting people that I would have otherwise never met and completely changing my world view.

Most of all, Consent Labs has equipped me with the bravery, knowledge, and vocabulary to stand up for something which I am so passionate about: normalising consent conversations. Whether that be answering curly questions at a school or just in conversations with the people in my life. As a law student especially, it is exciting to see how far our laws and culture have come in an understanding of sexual consent and treatment of victim-survivors, but I also know how long the road ahead is. It is a privilege to work alongside such incredible people, from my colleagues to the students, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of the organisation.”