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Clerkship Guide

2019 Guide

The guide is an essential tool that will be of use to you, especially if you are in the penultimate or pre-penultimate year of your law degree. Even if you are in the early stages of your degree, it is recommended that you use this guide to gain an insight into what a clerkship is like and whether it is something that you wish to apply for in your penultimate year of your legal studies.


UTS Law Students’ Society

It is our vision to elevate the quality and standard of university life for law students at UTS to its utmost potential, primarily through meeting the educational, vocational and social needs of UTS law students. In doing so, we endeavour to establish a reputation as the most student-oriented and student-focused Law Students’ Society in Australia.

The UTS Law Students’ Society firmly supports an open door policy and welcomes any ideas, concerns or thoughts regarding your life studying law at UTS. Feel free to drop by our office (CB5A.01.08) anytime to get to know us a little better.

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When you become a member of the UTS Law Students’ Society not only do you join a great community of law students, but you also obtain discounted ticket prices to all our social events, access to our various career-based initiatives, receive our fortnightly e-newsletter (The Buzz) along with many other benefits!

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Get in Touch

Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. The UTS LSS is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

Room CB05A.01.08, UTS Haymarket Campus, Cnr of Quay Street & Ultimo Road, Haymarket NSW 2000

(02) 9514 3448



Your LSS Team
– The Executive – 

The UTS LSS Executive is composed of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and seven Vice-Presidents who oversee their own portfolios.



Ben is UTS LSS’ 2019 President. He leads a talented team of 34 councillors to deliver a full year of well-loved initiatives and – excitingly – a stack of new ones too.



In Becca’s spare time you can find her rifling through clothes at markets or warehouse sales, taste-testing acai bowls around Sydney and perfecting her baking skills



Julian sees coming into uni not only as a fantastic opportunity to sample the latest coffee brews around campus, but also as a convenient space for catching law lectures live


Vice President (Activities)

Outside of her law degree, Lucy can be found scouting out the best local coffee shops,
planning her next European holiday (which she really can’t afford) or stalking the UTS DOGSOC page.


Vice President (Education)

In her spare time, you can find Gabi scoping out her extensive brunch list for the most insta- worthy cafés. She is also a firm believer that if you have a dessert for breakfast it doesn’t count.


Vice President (Competitions)

When Brae isn’t on campus you’d likely find her enjoying a good cheese board (despite her lactose intolerance), or scrolling through Pinterest looking at pictures of cheeseboards.  


Vice President (Marketing)

If Sam isn’t on campus, he can probably be found somewhere with his guitar at hand, convincing himself that he could still live his childhood dream of becoming an international RnB superstar.


Vice President (Sponsorship)

When Art isn’t completing his extension law readings for recreational fun, you can find him lining up landscape photo opportunities for his Instagram feed and planning his next ski trip to Thredbo/Perisher/Falls Creek.


Vice President (Careers)

 Outside of law school, Sara enjoys eating, engaging in (mild) exercise and lying on the beach. This year, she is determined to learn French, and to continue her search for Sydney’s best poached egg.


Vice President
(Social Justice) 

 Behind the poker face, Pia is known for her ridiculously loud laugh, random bursts of energy (which can be detected by unrequested singing) and an unfading desire to help.

–Careers Directors–

The Careers Portfolio is responsible for the co-ordination of all career-focused events including on-campus Clerkship and Careers Seminars, as well as the Society’s career-related publications including the Careers Guide and Clerkship Guide.
For any queries about the Careers Portfolio, feel free to contact Sara Pacey at vpca@utslss.com.


Careers (Activities) Director

While most people started studying law because of Suits, Sarah started law because of the Good Wife. If you can’t find Sarah on campus, she’s most likely on another holiday.


Careers (Activities) Director

Given the choice, Catherine would spend most of her time napping with her dog. However, as excessive sleep is generally frowned upon, she can also be found powerlifting or researching true crime.


Careers (Publications) Director

Beside being married to the library, Ryan likes to spend his time playing PS4 and boxing. He’s a grizzly on the outside, but a teddy on the inside.

–Competition Directors–

The Competitions Portfolio is responsible for running all Junior and Open Competitions for Mooting, Subject Mooting, Witness Examination, Negotiation, Client Interviewing, as well as Intervarsity Competitions.
For any queries about the Competitions Portfolio, feel free to contact Barbara Aslanidis at vpc@utslss.com.


Mooting Director

In her third year of a straight law degree, Eimear can often be found stressing about her lack of time to study while watching cliche Netflix melodramas.


Subject Mooting Director

Jeremy enjoys painting, photography and reading. If he’s not on campus encouraging mooting participation, he’s a block away searching for the best local ramen and ice tea.


Subject Mooting Director

Only two words are needed to surmise her: procrastination personified. Bring up a topic and chances are she’ll have read a book, article or paper on anything but that.


Negotiations Director

When she isn’t on campus, you can find Stella deciding which pair of sneakers to flex on campus. She welcomes questions about Negotiation and her Dr Martens collection.


Witness Examination Director

Hue likes daydreaming about his next travel escapade: especially during important content-heavy lectures. In between UTS sessions, you won’t find him anywhere in Sydney. He’s likely lost in the Amazon, or soaking up sun on some Thai island.


Intervarsity Competitions Director

Rachel can often be found carrying a box of study snacks and drinks from the asian supermarket back to Green Room to fuel her last minute assignmenting.

–Education Directors– 

The Education Portfolio is responsible for the Society’s educational and well-being initiatives such as the Peer Mentoring Program, Speaker Series and Smile Project, as well as the Society’s education-related publications including The Full Bench and Law School Manual.

For any queries about the Education Portfolio, feel free to contact Gabriella Lubrano at vpe@utslss.com.


Education (External Engagement) Director

Armed with an uncanny music taste, Tristan can always be found jamming in the law office. If encountered, don’t attempt to change the song. Only when he departs is it then safe.


Education (Internal Engagement) Director

You can find Nick being incessantly sushed by the library staff on level 4, trapping someone in conversation about obscure rap beefs or fondly reminiscing his days as an underground bartender.


Publications Director

 In his spare time, Luke enjoys photography, football and editing content.


Student Wellbeing Director

Dubbed the Mom-friend™, you’ll catch Soph sipping copious amounts of tea, lending an eager ear to listen to how your day’s been, and talking all things Brooklyn-99 and #life.

–Marketing Directors–

The Marketing Portfolio is responsible for all marketing communication and advertising for the Society, as well as the preparation and distribution for The Buzz and the production and distribution of the Society’s merchandise.

For any queries about the Marketing Portfolio, feel free to contact Samuel Guzman at vpm@utslss.com.


Information Technology Director

Outside of studying I.T. and Law, Saskia can be found canyoning, rock climbing or sailing.


Design Director

If you see Nick around campus, he is likely slightly concussed after smacking his head on the roof of the train. Him and his untamed mushroom hair never learn.


Marketing Director

Although she’s enjoying her second year, Vicky admits that she spends more time at Sushi Hub Central than in UTS Buildings. She also enjoys froyo, bubble tea, and cheeky power naps.

–Social Justice Directors–

The Social Justice Portfolio is responsible for the organisation of the Society’s social justice-related initiatives including equitable subsidies, Charity Trivia Nights, Social Justice Conference, Women’s Mentoring Program and Brennan Justice and Leadership Program.

For any queries about the Social Justice Portfolio, feel free to contact Pia Gonzalez at vpsj@utslss.com.


Equity Director

When Keti is on her laptop at uni, don’t be fooled- she’s not actually studying, she’s making new email accounts to get one month free netflix trials.


Brennan Program Director

When Sofia is not in class, you’ll most likely find her in one of the many coffee shops around campus or attempting to play pool in the Underground.


Diversity Director

If Ayushma isn’t at the library, she can be found somewhere talking about her favourite travelling destination, Nepal (Hint: She’s Nepalese). She also spends most of her time eating dumplings.

-Activities Directors-

The Activities Portfolio is responsible for the Society’s social events including First Year Law Camp, Law Cruise and Law Ball.
For any queries about the Activities Portfolio, feel free to contact Lucy Slater at vpa@utslss.com.


Socials Director

If Jess isn’t in class, she’s most likely outside the UTS Library picking up the Uber Eats that she couldn’t be bothered walking 200 meters to get herself. She would definitely appreciate a wave if spotted doing so.


Socials Director

While she loves soaking up the sun at the beach, don’t give her any chilli because she can’t actually handle the heat.


Sports Director

Not to be confused with Archie Andrews, Robin is more likely to be found on the cricket field than actively attempting to kill the black hood.

– Representatives –


Postgraduate Representative


First Year Representative


First Year Representative

Our Constitution

UTS Law Students’ Society’s Constitution lists both the rules that bind the Society and its members, and the guiding objectives by which the Society is governed.



The By-Laws are a set of rules that accompany the Constitution, providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities of each of the Council members.



The UTS LSS keeps a written record of each Council meeting including the agenda items, discussions and motions. Membes are encouraged to access the minutes.

this month’s feature!

Second Year Stories

  We know that starting your first year at university is a daunting experience. At the UTS LSS, we’re here to ensure that you have all the support you need to make your transition into university life the smoothest it can be. So we took to the streets and interviewed a few of our second year members- students who were in your exact position one year ago. Introducing: Second Year Stories.

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Jatin is an 18 year old Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Law student commencing his second year at UTS. Jatin has a visual impairment and is classified legally blind. He is an Accessibility Ambassador for UTS and has also recently been accepted into the Regional Advisory Committee for Guides Dogs NSW. Jatin is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and is always playing music and performing at cafes, uni events…pretty much wherever he can….

More of Jantin’s Story


Vicky is a 19-year-old Bachelor of Laws/Communications (Social and Political Sciences) student, going into her second year in 2019. This year, she is also the Marketing Director on the LSS Council and a Student Representative on the Faculty Board. In her spare time, Vicky likes to bake, drink an excessive amount of mango smoothies, and take HIIT classes at her local gym…

More of Vicky’s story


Samara is a 19 year old Bachelor of Laws/International Studies (Switzerland) student, beginning her second year at UTS. During her first year she lived on campus at Yura Mudang (building 6 on the goods line), after moving down to Sydney from Coffs Harbour. Samara enjoys free food and drinks, and the angels who share their law notes…

More of Samara’s story


Jinoo is a 20 year old Bachelors of Law/Bachelors of PubComm student in his second year of Law and first year of PubComm in 2019. Last year, Jinoo successfully achieved the accomplishment of winning “Best Bromance of the LSS”…