The Executive is composed of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and eight Vice-Presidents who oversee their own portfolios.

Vicky Kuo


Hue Pham


Steve Hatzipavlis


Kurt Cheng

Vice-President (Sponsorships)

Maddy Sherbon

Vice-President (Activities)

Cassandra Reilly

Vice-President (Careers)

Bella Kidman

Vice-President (Mooting)

Lauren Krejci

Vice-President (Skills Competitions)

Justin Cordi

Vice -President (Education)

Sami Urquhart

Vice-President (Marketing)

Erika Serrano

Vice-President (Social Justice)


The Activities Portfolio is responsible for the Society’s social and sporting events including First Year Law Camp, Law Cruise, Kickstart and Law Ball.

For queries regarding the Activities Portfolio, contact Maddy Sherbon at

Georgia Coleman

Socials Director I

Chandra Renouf

Socials Director II

Emma Gaston

Sports Director


The Careers Portfolio is responsible for the co-ordination of all career-focused events including our Clerkship and Careers Seminars, as well as the Society’s career-related publications including the Careers Guide and Clerkship Guide.

For queries about the Careers Portfolio, contact Cassy Reilly at

Melanie Najdovski

Careers (Activities) Director I

Natasha Lloyd

Careers (Activities) Director II

Jack Newberry

Careers (Publications) Director

Competitions (Mooting)

The Competitions (Mooting) Portfolio is responsible for running all Junior and Open Competitions for Mooting, Subject Mooting, and Intervarsity Mooting Competitions.

For queries regarding the Competitions (Mooting) Portfolio contact Bella Kidman at

Jennie Siow

Subject Mooting Director I

Tiana De Silva

Subject Mooting Director II

Georgia Zocco

Intervarsity Mooting Director

Competitions (Skills)

The Competitions (Skills) Portfolio is responsible for running the Junior and Open Witness Examination, Negotiation and Client Interview Competitions and Intervarsity Skills Competitions. This portfolio is also responsible for our Written Skills Competitions.

For queries regarding the Competitions (Skills) Portfolio, contact Lauren Krejci at

Noor Gill

Client Interview Director

Sadaf Azimi

Negotiation Director

Nicole Badr

Witness Examination Director

Sammy Kotsakis

Intervarsity Competitions (Skills) Director


The Education Portfolio is responsible for the Society’s educational and wellbeing initiatives such as the Peer Mentoring Program, Speaker Series and Smile Project. It also facilitates the LSS’ education-related publications including The Bar Productions, Full Bench and Law School Manual.

For  queries regarding the Education Portfolio, contact Justin Cordi at

Anthony Ayoub

Education (External) Director

Jeylan Riza

Education (Internal) Director

Tayla Curry

Publications Director ______________.

Andelain Joy Newman

Student Wellbeing Director  .    


The Marketing Portfolio is responsible for all marketing communication and advertising for the Society, as well as the preparation and distribution for The Buzz and the production and distribution of the Society’s merchandise.

For queries regarding the Marketing Portfolio, contact Sami Urquhart at

Olivia Chen

Marketing Director I

Cassandra Economides

Marketing Director II

Shanelle George

Marketing Director III

Wendy Lam

Information Technology Director

Social Justice

The Social Justice Portfolio is responsible for the organisation of the Society’s social justice-related initiatives including equitable subsidies, Charity Trivia Nights, Social Justice Conference, Women’s Mentoring Program and Brennan Justice and Leadership Program.

For queries regarding the Social Justice Portfolio, contact Erika Serrano at

Maya Mortimer

Equity Director

Georgina Hedge

Brennan Program Director I

Macallister Middleton

Brennan Program Director II

Jason Wang

Diversity Director


Milan Sharma

Postgraduate Representative


First Year Representative I


First Year Representative II


UTS Law Students’ Society’s Constitution lists both the rules that bind the Society and its members, and the guiding objectives by which the Society is governed.



The By-Laws are a set of rules that accompany the Constitution, providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities of each of the Council members.



The UTS LSS keeps a written record of each Council meeting including the agenda items, discussions and motions. Membes are encouraged to access the minutes.