Welcome to the Education Portfolio

The Education Portfolio is here to help students navigate their way through law at UTS and achieve their full academic potential. We aim to deliver a range of initiatives and publications that support the academic experience, enable learning beyond the classroom and address student wellbeing needs. There is something for everyone here, whether you are just starting out in law or you are well into your law school journey. 

For queries regarding the Education Portfolio, please contact our Vice-President (Education) at


The Education Portfolio engages in a number of Initiatives to help support both the education and wellbeing of our students, from their first year all the way to their final year. These initiatives help to bring all student members together and create life long friendships!


The Education Portfolio creates a number of publications each academic year to help support our student members as well as showcase their academic writings. These publications allow for an inclusive environment within our society allowing members to get involved with the Education Portfolio.


The Education Portfolio is also responsible for two of the four LSS subcommittees. The first of those is the Education Publications Subcommittee, which works on the Full Bench and the Bar Podcast. The second is the Wellbeing Subcommittee, which assists with the Smile Project and other wellbeing initiatives. Joining a subcommittee is a fantastic way to get involved in the LSS early on in a law degree and to develop key skills and build connections. 

Check back here for 2024 applications opening soon!