President’s Welcome

Welcome to the UTS Law Students’ Society for 2024!

Our society is the focal point of law student engagement at UTS, as we aim to provide a vibrant and energetic university environment for a diverse range of students, and give you a variety of options to socialise, volunteer, advocate, compete and learn outside of the classroom. 

As the President for 2024, I hope that we can create a space for all regardless of who you know, and where you come from, and give everyone the chance to have their say and make their mark. Your commitment to this society can be as large or as small as you want to make it; and can be dictated by your own interests and goals coming into the new year due to our wide reach of activities and initiatives.

Going into my third year of uni in 2024, I now fully understand the importance of ‘finding your people’ in a new place, and I believe that the vast array of our UTS LSS events will allow you to naturally find not only a new crowd, but lifelong friends and strong relationships that move beyond the static and “awkward” connections you may make in your lectures or seminars. Moving out of the COVID era, I believe it is more important than ever to connect with those around you and take advantage of the tangible opportunities and social benefits presented to you. 

Whether it’s joining a subcommittee, becoming a councillor, competing in our mooting and skills competitions, signing up to the Buddy Project, or attending our incredible socials events, there are so many ways to get involved and stay engaged amongst the craziness of our uni lives. Our UTS LSS office sits on Level 14 of Building 2 within the general Law-Student level, and with our society’s open door policy, it’s more than likely someone will always be around to point you in the right direction or just help you out overall. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my team if you need and I’m so excited to meet everyone throughout 2024.

On behalf of the UTS LSS Council, I hope you are keen to bolster your university experience with our help, and are looking forward to thriving during your degree in 2024.

Alec Ramsbottom 2024