The UTS Law Students’ Society operates under a number of key governance documents that set out our guiding principles for our councillors and members. If you would like to know more about our society and how it runs, we encourage you to have a read of these documents and get involved in all of our initiatives across our broad range of portfolios. Please feel free to get in touch with Natasha Lloyd at if you have any questions about our governance, or alternatively if you would like to lodge a complaint under our Grievance Policy, get in touch by emailing and/or


The UTS LSS Constitution covers the functions, powers and rights of councillors and members within our society. Additionally, it contains important information about how our elections are run and the process of nomination if you’re interested in joining the UTS LSS as a councillor in the future. At our 2023 Special General Meeting we made some important changes to the election process and composition of the executive. We encourage our members to have a read of our new Constitution, and to contact Natasha Lloyd at with any questions


Our By-Laws provide a more specific look at the role of each UTS LSS Council member as well as the expectations attached to that role. It’s important to us as a society that we remain accountable to you (our members), and the By-Laws are the primary means through which we do this.

Grievance Policy

In 2022, the UTS LSS introduced our first ever Grievance Policy which outlines the UTS LSS Code of Conduct and provides you with detailed information about your avenues for redress if you encounter an issue with another UTS LSS Member or at one of our events.


We publish detailed minutes from each of our monthly Council meetings to keep you across the board on the latest developments in our society. We encourage our members to access and read our minutes and to get in touch with Natasha Lloyd at with any questions.