Welcome to the Careers Portfolio

The Careers Portfolio is responsible for coordinating all career-focused initiatives, including our Clerkship and Careers Seminars, as well as our Beyond Corporate Careers Initiatives. Through innovation and commitment to student development, the Careers Portfolio aims to deliver unrivalled resources that diversify the student experience and help the UTS Law cohort strive for greatness.

For queries about the Careers Portfolio, please contact the Vice President (Careers) at


The Careers Portfolio engages in a number of activities throughout the academic year to help support our student members in thinking about a career in law. The activities that our Portfolio create allow for our student body to engage with networking and understanding different careers within law at all year levels.


The Careers Portfolio creates a number of publications each academic year to help support students in understanding a career life outside of university. These guides provide invaluable information regarding clerkships and careers that allow our students to thrive in both corporate and non corporate avenues.