Welcome to the Competitions Portfolio

The Competitions Portfolio is responsible for organising and running both skills competitions and mooting competitions at both internal and intervarsity levels. Within the LSS Society, our competitions allow for students to get involved and learn skills invaluable for their law careers. We also engage with competitions with different universities and external competitions to allow students to gain exposure and network.

For queries about Competitions, please contact either Blake Sanchez-Cruz at or Anastasia Zimonopoulos at

Skills Competitions

The Competition Portfolio runs the Opens Skills Competitions in the Autumn Session, which is available to students who have competed in the Junior Competition or are in their 3rd year and above of studying law. Students are able to participate in client interview, negotiation, witness examination, and/or written skills, and this is a valuable opportunity for any law student, regardless of experience. 

The Juniors Competition runs in the Spring Session and is open to students in their first or second year of law and who have never competed before.  

Students can also get involved as volunteer clients in Client Interview or a volunteer witness in Witness Examination. This is an amazing opportunity for students to pick up valuable skills from experienced competitors. Volunteering in these competitions is also a great way to work towards other initiatives, including the Brennan Program and the UTS SOUL Awards. 


The Competitions Portfolio runs moots throughout the academic year ranging on a variety of topics and specialty law areas. Mooting is a perfect mix of debating and mock trial that involves presenting legal arguments on novel points of law. Mooting is a fantastic opportunity to work in a team of two or three to formulate both written and oral submissions surrounding a comprehensive problem question.

Mooting is beneficial for improving your written, research and presentation skills. There are five subject moots throughout the year that take place across the weekend, and two junior moots in the second semester. 

Competitor Selection Policy

Selections for all of our Intervarsity Moots and Skills Competitions, including the ALSA Conference, are governed by our UTS LSS Competitor Selection Policy. If you would like to know more about how selections are made, or if you have any concerns about selection for any of our Intervarsity competitions, we encourage you to read this policy and raise any concerns with the Vice Presidents (Competitions) Blake Sanchez-Cruz at or Anastasia Zimonopoulos at