Careers Blog

Are you wondering about what career opportunities lie ahead of you? Do you need interview tips? Are you wondering how to network? Look no further, the inaugural UTS LSS Careers Blog is here!
The UTS LSS is excited to share the release of the Careers Blog, which provides supplementary information to our annual publications. 
The Careers Blog covers everything careers related. Whether you are a first-year, final-year student, or somewhere in between, the Careers Blog will have an article for you. 

We would like to thank the Careers (Publications) Subcommittee for their contributions to the Careers Blog. 

Are you wondering what you will do once you leave law school? Are you feeling unsure? In this article, Joshua writes about how to get a step closer to finding to your career passion. 

Are you going to your first networking event and you are not sure what to speak about? In this article, Akhila explores how to become a professional networker. 

Are you wondering what the difference between working in private practice and in-house is? In this article, Samiksha highlights the pros and cons of working in private practice and in-house.

Are you weighing up whether you should engage in volunteer work? In this article, Olga highlights the importance and benefits of volunteering in building your resume and enhancing your skills.

How do we develop good work habits? How do we strive towards our career goals? In this article, Nipun discusses how small changes to our daily routine can positively enhance our workflow in the long term.

Are you a first-generation university student? Is the concept of networking daunting to you? In this article, Clairessa highlights the hurdles face when networking as a first-generation university student and some tips and tricks on how to navigate the world of networking.

Applying for clerkships and graduate positions can be a daunting and long process. In this article, Mohammad discusses how to stand out as an applicant and how to put your best foot forward.