The Mooting Portfolio is responsible for the organisation and running of appellate advocacy competitions, both internally and at an intervarsity level (bilateral and multilateral), as well as the Mooting Mentoring Program. Covering various areas of law from criminal law to constitutional law, there is a competition bound to suit your interests and often raises contemporary and novel issues to challenge participants.


The UTS LSS provides subject specific mooting competitions where you get to demonstrate your legal knowledge, whilst competing against friends and future colleagues as well as creating new friendships. No matter your level of experience there is a competition for everyone, as there are two dedicated junior competitions available.


Opens Criminal Law Moot

Torts Moot

Contract Law Moot

Commercial Law Moot

Constitutional Law Moot


Junior Criminal Law Moot

Junior Mooting Competition

Mooting Development Program

This program was introduced for the first time in 2022, designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to successfully compete in mooting competitions. Open to everybody, whether an experienced mooter looking to further refine and develop their advocacy skills or a prospective mooter keen on giving it a crack, this program was highly successful in achieving its goals and will continue to be run in 2023 once each semester.


For the more experienced competitors, there are various opportunities to showcase your skills on an intervarsity level against other universities State and Australia wide. Bilateral mooting competitions take the form of a one round winner takes all competition against another university. Conversely, multilateral competitions take the form of preliminary rounds where the top universities progress to the semi-finals and ultimately the grand final.

Nicholas Cowdery KC Criminal Law Moot (against SULS/Sydney University)

UTS LSS x MULS/Macquarie University Contract Law Moot

Ashurst IVC Legal Technology Moot (hosted by UTS LSS)

Competitor Selection Policy

Selections for all of our Intervarsity Moots and Skills Competitions, including the ALSA Conference, are governed by our UTS LSS Competitor Selection Policy. If you would like to know more about how selections are made, or if you have any concerns about selection for any of our Intervarsity competitions, we encourage you to read this policy and raise any concerns with Jemma Newton, Vice-President (Skills Competitions) at or our Vice-President (Mooting) at